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Hi! I'm Kali.

I was born a disruptor.

Born with a 4% chance of living, I have survived everything from organ failure to kidnapping and am continually overcoming to bring wisdom and value to individuals, teams, leaders, and the world!

Growing up queer and non-binary with neurodivergence in extreme adversity, I have survived trauma and toxic cultures to challenge societal barriers and become a champion of workplace diversity.

I am a coach, speaker, facilitator, author, poet, and the Chief Impact Officer at #lovework to develop and promote the field of energy intelligence, encourage acceptance, and redefine inclusivity and productivity on a global scale.

Inclusion and practicing energy intelligence to effect positive change is the future of work. We are most productive and able to create a lasting impact when we work together, and I'm here to help everyone bring their whole selves to work to do the best work of their lives!

Let's talk! 

Kali Love

DisruptHR Denver 

Sept 12, 2023 5-7pm MT

Energy Intelligence Workshop - Thailand

Image by Mathew Schwartz

October 2023

Top Secret
Luxury Brand!


I support an amazing local poetry publishing company called South Broadway Press by serving as an editor and helping with community outreach. 100% of the proceeds from our publications go to a local charity.

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